Patricia Colley Founder , Experience Designer, Facilitator, Improviser

Patricia has been a designer of mediated experiences for 20 years, and an artist her whole life. Creativity and education are literally in her DNA. She has studied improvisation in the Johnstone tradition in Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, and Baltimore. Patricia has experienced the amazing power of improv to alter the way people live and work together. She wants you to experience that power, too.

In addition to being an improvocateur, Patricia is an interactive experience design consultant. Her work as a creative consultant can be seen at interaction flow. Patricia blogs about all things creative at She also runs the local improv community site


Brad Fortier Anthropologist, Improviser, Facilitator, Coach

Brad has a Master's degree in anthropology, a passion for improvisation and education, and a pair of angel wings. Brad wrote a book called "Long-Form Improvisation: Collaboration, Comedy and Communion" which academically deconstructs the social science of ensemble improv. His second improv book is in the works.

In addition to being an improvocateur, Brad is the Community Speaker of the United Way Portland, Education Director at the Brody Theater, an ethnographer, facilitator, and leadership trainer. Brad has performed ensemble improv for audiences around the globe for over 15 years. Brad writes about all things impro and anthro on his blog, interdisciplined.